titan&germa SAVER ONE
SAVER ONE products are all crafted from pure titanium by our team of expert craftsmen, who take each piece through various process steps, creating just that special feeling.
Moreover, SAVER ONE, through its own, original manufacturing process, aims to create highly refined pieces with a color and luster which surpasses the quality of conventional titanium, and rivals platinum.

SAVER ONE is light and fits comfortably against the skin.
Because it is rust-resistant, it is 'OK' to wear in any type of water, from salt to spa.
SAVER ONE accessories are recommended for those with allergies to metal or those with    sensitive skin, due to its hypoallergenic qualities.
Because SAVER ONE accessories are unisex, you can choose freely from any of our various    models.

An Explanation of Titanium
Titanium (atomic number: 22; element symbol: Ti )
Titanium was discovered by a German chemist in 1791 and named 1795 for the Greek mythical characters known as Titans. They were giants who pre-dated and gave birth to the Greek gods.
Titanium is a sliver-white colored metal which is resistant to rust, heat, and seawater, and are hypoallergenic It is often used for medical tools and technical tools in various fields.
The living body conducts electric currents throughout itself, related to the nervous and muscular systems. Disturbances in the body's electric current can generate various maladies. In our everyday lives, we are constantly exposed to various electromagnetic waves, which can harm the body. Titanium, with its strong ionization tendency, promotes better electrical through the body and helps counteract the negative electromagnetic waves in our environment. The results include improved metabolism and the reduction of muscle stiffness and pain.
Athletes and medical specialists both have begun recommending the curative properties titanium recently.
An Explanation of Germanium
Germanium (atomic number: 32; element symbol:Ge )
Germanium is a semi-conducting metalloid having 32 electrons which was discovered in 1885 by a German scientist.
Since it was discovered in Germany, it was named after the country, the word meaning "freedom".
One of germanium's advantages is that it reacts to temperature, light, and other electromagnetic waves by throwing off its free electron. The application is as a balancer to harmful cells in the body which have electrically positive charges. They attract the germanium's released electron, thus forming a balanced, electrically neutral compound, thereby reducing or eliminating the harmful cell's effect.
It is said that we can expect enough reaction by human temperature (contact with skin) so that germanium is more than 32 degrees Celsius, and reaction is caused about temperature in particular.
In terms of human use, exposure of germanium to temperatures of 89.6 oF or higher are enough to cause the desired reaction.
Warning to users
SAVER ONE products (mainly chain necklaces and bracelets) are not welded, in order to    prevent accidents such as getting them caught on other objects.
Avoid wearing these products when undertaking vigorous or dangerous activities.
Avoid wearing these products during thunderstorms.
Stop wearing the product immediately upon developing an abnormal skin condition or change    in your physical condition.
We ask you to remove the product while bathing, to avoid discoloring the germanium.
In addition, please do not strongly strike or shock or the product, as it may break.

To custom-sizing customers
A sizing charge will be added to the product price. (This is mainly for chain extension.)
In addition, please understand before ordering that some additional time till will be required in    order to carry out sizing requests.
Please understand that we do not provide a sizing service for rings and bangles. Only stock    sizes are available.

A request to purchasers
Thank you very much for purchasing a SAVER ONE product.
When your product loses its luster due to small scratches or dirt, after purchase, feel free to contact us about our additional re-finishing service.
When requesting refinishing, be sure to contact use beforehand. We can not accept    requests/products without prior communication.
Please recognize that, in some cases, damage to the product may be too severe to be re-   finished.
We only accept requests for work on our own products.
Re-finishing and postage charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.
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