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The untold story of the birth of 'SAVER ONE'
A name is important. It symbolizes the meaning of an existence.
On my way home from work one night, I was seriously thinking about the name of our brand name. I was thinking, "We want to help people; help with good products; help with useful products; help with reasonable prices; help...SAVE ! And since it is a product, wouldn't the noun form 'SAVER' be good ?"
The idea is to be the one who makes the effort to help others to improve themselves. That led me to realize that the name for us was "SAVER ONE".
This name gives a sense of purity in purpose and product to all of our staff, and instills in us a feeling of pride and responsibility in selling these products.

Representative Director: Makoto Asami
Main office
Registered industry: pure titanium products (accessories, miscellaneous goods, planning / production / sales/ etc.)
Address: zip code.379-2311 Kasakakemachi Azami 419-13,Midori City, Gunma,Japan
TEL:+81 (0)277-70-7737 FAX:+81 (0)277-76-0977

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