titan&germa SAVER ONE
SAVER ONE titanium accessories are each carefully crafted, individual pieces, created through SAVER ONE's own original manufacturing process.
The unmistakable feel and brilliant luster of our pieces stand as the ultimate expression over conventional titanium products.
We offer our pieces in a wide v
ariety of styles to match your lifestyle, from pieces for every day work to those special, formal occasions.
Of course all SAVER ONE uses pure titanium.
All of our pieces are completely safe for those of you with metal allergies or sensitive skin. Please browse our online catalog by clicking each image buttons of titanium accessories.
Necklace_image . SAVER ONE Titanium Necklaces
In addition to our popular sellers (Kihei , Azuki, and bead chains), we offer a wide variety of designs.
We encourage you to combine our pendant tops with our SAVER ONE titanium necklaces, in order to dress them up or down to suit your mood.
Bracelet_image . SAVER ONE Titanium Bracelets
SAVER ONE titanium bracelets are crafted in various styles from the sharp-looking block-type to the cool chain-type to the pure feeling of the bead-type. Choose the style that fits your style. You can also enjoy pairing a chain bracelet with a SAVER ONE necklace. Bracelets also make excellent gifts for those special people in your life.
Top_image . SAVER ONE Titanium Pendant Tops
For our discerning customers, add that extra touch to your necklace with a SAVER ONE Titanium Pendant Top.
With nine pairing variations, you can create the look of your SAVER ONE necklace that really shows your style.
(Please note that some necklaces and pendant tops are not combinable. We invite you to review the product details list to confirm the combinability of your choices.)
Bangle_image . SAVER ONE Titanium Bangles
Our SAVER ONE titanium bangles give you confidence in their finish, feel, and cost performance. Eight items which are glad to be able to choose you from a private to an office work. You open it a little and get wet with a cue. Choose from eight items which take you from home to office. Easy on and snug fitting. Because it is a bangle, it is easy to put on and take off, and is popular for all ages, from young to old.
Ring_image . SAVER ONE Titanium Rings
SAVER ONE titanium rings are born of pure titanium, each one passing through a multi-step process where our expertise crafts pieces with exquisite feel.
In addition, making use of unique manufacturing process, SAVER ONE creates products which are more fairly compared to the feel and color of platinum rather than conventional titanium.
Pierce_image . SAVER ONE Titanium Pierced Earrings
SAVER ONE titanium pierced earrings use pure titanium: post, catch, and the main body. Everything !
Because titanium is corrosion resistant, human sweat is not a problem, so to those of you with sensitive skin or metal allergies, don't worry.
What's more, we provide two extra catches !
Anklet_image . SAVER ONE Titanium Anklets
SAVER ONE titanium anklets are a response to overwhelming demand from our customers to craft quality pieces for not only hands and necks, but also feet.
Because it is a very light material, titanium gives you freedom of movement unlike other metal anklets.
SAVER ONE titanium anklets are free-sized. Just adjust it to your favorite length and enjoy.
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