Experimental 41cm Howitzer

Introduced Year : -
Caliber : 410 mm
Barrel Length : 13.445 m
EL Angle of Fire : -5 to +75 Degrees
AZ Angle of Fire : 360 Degrees
Shell Weight : 1,000 Kg
Muzzle Velocity : 580 m/sec
Weight : 318 ton
Range : 20,000 m
Production Qty : 1

The biggest gun that the IJA had ever made. It was developed as the coastal gun and one experimental gun was finished in 1926. However, it was not introduced, because several naval guns became surplus due to the naval reduction after WWI.

The experimental gun was left alone for eleven years after its finishing. After that, it was used for the Kotou fortress in the Manchuria-Soviet border. When the Soviets invaded Manchuria in 1945, the gun fired and destroyed a railway brigde of the Trans-Siberian Railroad.