Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank Gun

Introduced Year : 1942
Caliber : 47 mm
Barrel Length : 2.5265 m (L53.7)
EL Angle of Fire : -11 to +18 Degrees
AZ Angle of Fire : 58 Degrees
Shell Weight : 1.5 Kg
Muzzle Velocity : 830 m/sec
Penetration : 52 mm/1,000 m, 64 mm/500 m
Weight : 0.8 ton
Range : 6,900 m
Production Qty : Approx. 2,300

After the Nomonhan Incident, IJA started the development of new AT, considering that Type 94 would be ineffective against Soviet new tanks. However, Type 1 was late to the openning of the Pacific War and Japanese infantries had to fight desperately against Allied M3 Light Tank.

This AT was also used as the main gun of Shinhoto Chi-Ha.

Type 1 was insufficient against Allied Medium Tank M3 or M4, but the Japanese failed to develop the successor of Type 1. Type 1 has been used until the WWII ended.