Type 90 24cm Railway Gun

Introduced Year : 1930
Caliber : 240 mm
Barrel Length : 12.823 m
EL Angle of Fire : 0 to +50 Degrees
AZ Angle of Fire : 360 Degrees
Shell Weight : 164.95 Kg
Muzzle Velocity : 1,050 m/sec
Weight : 136 ton
Range : 50,120 m
Production Qty : 1

The only one railway gun in the IJA artillery. The gun itself was made by Schneider in France and auxiliary equipments were provided in Japan. The gun was sent to Manchuria in 1941 for the defense of the Manchuria againt Soviet Union.

When the Soviets invaded Manchuria in 1945, the gun was in transit to a new position. It was destroyed and abandoned.