Standard Model

Motorized Model

Type 90 75mm Field Gun

Introduced Year : 1932
Caliber : 75 mm
Barrel Length : 2.883 m (L38.4)
EL Angle of Fire : -8 to +43 Degrees
AZ Angle of Fire : 50 Degrees
Shell Weight : 6.56 Kg
Muzzle Velocity : 683 m/sec
Weight : 1.4 ton, 1.6 ton (Motorized Model)
Range : 13,890 m
Production Qty : 786

Type 90 was based on the Schneider field gun. Type 90 is the only Japanese artillery that was applied with the muzzle brake. A variant of Type 90 is a motorized model which has the suspensions and rubber tires.

Type 90 was used as field artillery until the end of WWII. And Type 90 often fired at Allied tanks during the Pacific War, because its high speed shell was effective against tanks. The gun of Type 3 Medium Tank was converted from Type 90 field gun.