Type 98 32cm Spigot Mortar

Introduced Year : 1938
Caliber : 320 mm
Barrel Length : -
EL Angle of Fire : Fixed at 45 Degrees
AZ Angle of Fire : 16 Degrees
Shell Weight : 300 Kg
Muzzle Velocity : 110 m/sec
Weight : 1.215 ton
Range : 1,100 m
Production Qty : 2,000 (Shells)

Type 98 was spigot motar, i.e. the shell covers the barrel. A pole at the back of the shell in the upper photo is the barrel of Type 98. The barrel and the shell were composed by several parts and each parts could be carried by man.

The elevation angle of barrel was fixed and the range was adjusted by the hight at which the shell was set on the barrel.

Type 98 was first used in Singapore and the Philippines in the early Pacific War. After that, Type 98 was used on Okinawa and Iwo Jima.