Errata of "Japanese Armor 1931-45"

The top photo at page 20 was taken at Nanchang, China.

The top photo at page 28 was taken in the battle of Hong Kong.

Type 89 Medium Tank at page 34 is from 2nd Tank Regiment.

As for the bottom photo at page 72, 13th Tank Regiment was formed in 1939. If this photo was taken in 1938, the tankette is not from 13th Tank Regiment.

The bottom photo at page 49 was taken on Hainan, China.

Type 94 Tankette at page 97 is from the tankette company of 38th Division in the battle of Hong Kong.

Te-Ke at page 122 is from 2nd Recon Regiment in Burma.

In the caption at page 162, "Mali" and "Malian" should be "Malaya".

The photo at page 165 is on the parade at Tokyo.

The photo at page 168 was taken on Guadalcanal.

The top photo at page 189 was taken in Kogoshima, Kyushu.

Ho-Ni at page 215 is from IJA 4th Technical Laboratory.

Ho-Ni at page 216 is from IJA Youth Field Artillery School.