Type 97 20mm AT Rifle

Introduced Year : 1937
Caliber : 20 mm
Barrel Length : 1200 mm
Length : 206 cm
Weight : 59 kg
Muzzle Velocity : 750 m/sec
Rate of Fire : 12 rounds/min
Magazine : 7 rounds
Production Qty : Approx. 1,200

Type 97 operationed semi-automatically. The impact of the recoil was very strong. This gun could penetrate a 30mm-thick armor at 350 m distance and a 20mm at 700m distance.


Type 99 AT Mine

Size : 120 mm (diameter) x 38 mm (thickness)
Weight : 1.25 kg
Explosive : TNT 680 g

This AT mine was thrown to the tank, or attached with tank by its magnets. Four black boxes around the mine are magnets. One Type 99 AT Mine could destroy a 20 mm thick armor and two piled mines could destroy a 30 mm thick armor.


Type 2 AT Rifle Grenade

In 1942, a new AT grenade was bought by a disguised merchant vessel to Japan from Germany. It was a hollow charge grenade and a gift to Hirohito from Hitler.

In AT grenade, there were two kinds of caliber, 40 mm and 30mm. But, only 40mm was produced. Though it was officially anounced that it can destoy a 40 mm thick armor, actually it was almost useless againt Allied medium tanks.


Type 3 AT Grenade

Type 3 was a hollow charge grenade thrown by hand. Officially, it was able to destroy a 70 mm thick armor.


Lunge AT Mine

This is a suicide AT weapon. A hollow charge mine was attached at the edge of the pole. Gripping the pole, stab it against tank and the mine is exploded.



Experimental AT Guns

Japan was developping some kinds of handy AT weapons like Bazooka or Panzerfaust. The above is Type 4 70 mm AT rocket launcher and the below is Type 5 45 mm AT recoilless gun.

Type 4 70 mm AT rocket launcher was produced in approx. 3,500 guns in the last period of the WWII, but they were all reserved in Japan homeland. Type 5 45 mm AT recoilless gun is experimental only.

Type 5 45 mm Recoilless Gun
Caliber : 45 mm
Length : 1 m
Weight : 6.4 kg
Shell Weight : 2.3 kg
Muzzle Velocity : 40 m/sec
Penetration : 100mm
Range : 30 m

Type 4 70 mm AT Rocket Launcher
Caliber : 74 mm
Length : 1.5 m
Weight : 8 kg
Shell Weight : 4.08 kg
Penetration : 80mm
Range : 750 m