Renault FT17 "Ko" Light Tank

Introduced Year : 1919
Weight : 6.7 ton
Dimensions: 4.88 x 1.74 x 2.14(h) m
Armor (max) : 22 mm
Speed (max) : 8 km/hr
Engine : Gasoline Engine 39 HP
Armaments : 8 mm MG x 1 or 37 mm Gun x 1
Crew : 2
Origin : France
Imported Qty : probably 22

As well as other many countries, Japan bought Renault FT17 tanks from France. A few were 37mm gun type and others were MG type. Guns were replaced with Japanese MG or 37mm infantry gun in Japan. They were used in the Manchurian Incident and then used for the training of tankers.