Akitsu Maru (Model Hei)

Landing Craft Carrier Model Ko, Otsu, Hei

Since Shinshu Maru succeeded in the landing operations, the IJA built new landing craft carriers from 1939. There were three models, Ko, Otsu and Hei.

Model Ko is the almost same size of Shinshu Maru and loads 15 to 25 landing carfts. Five ships of Model Ko were built.

Model Otsu was ice-resistant and about a half size of Model Ko. One Model Otsu was built in 1944.

Model Hei is the most interesting ship. It has a flying deck and loads 28 airplanes. It also loads 25 landing crafts like Model Ko. Four ships of Model Hei were built and three were finished until the war ended.

They were mainly used as transport and all but one were sunk during the war.

Landing Craft Carriers

Akitsu Maru (Hei) - 1/42
Mayasan Maru (Ko) - 12/42
Nigitsu Maru (Hei) - 3/43
Kibitsu Maru (Ko) - 12/43
Tamatsu Maru (Ko) - 1/44
Takatsu Maru (Otsu) - 1/44
Hyuga Maru (Ko) - 11/44
Settsu Maru (Ko) - 1/45
Kumano Maru (Hei) - 3/45
Tokitsu Maru (Hei) - Uncompleted