Type 97 Motorcycle

Introduced Year : 1937
Weight : 500 Kg
Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.7 x 1.2(h) m
Speed (max) : 70 km/hr
Engine : Air-cooled Gasoline Engine 1274cc 24 HP
Manufacturer : Rikuo Nainen Co.

Japan imported motorcycles of Harley-Davidson, but the Sankyo Co.(later Rikuo Nainen Co.) bought the licence from Harley-Davidson in 1935 and produced them in Japan. A military model called Type 95 Motorcycle was developed from the Harley-Davidson's motorcycle. It has a higher body than the commercial model and used magnetic plugs. Type 97 is an improved model of Type 95. It has a carriage with a powered wheel.

Military motorcycles were used in Japan and China and hardly used in the Pacific. They were not fit to the rough terrains in the Pacific.