Type 98 Medium Tank "Chi-Ho"

(Mitsubishi Prototype)
Weight : 10.73 ton
Dimensions: 5.29 x 2.29 x 2.12(h) m
Armor (max) : 25 mm
Speed (max) : 41 km/hr
Engine : Diesel Engine 120 HP/1300 rpm
Armaments : Type 1 47 mm x 1, Type 97 7.7 mm x 2

Chi-Ho was intended for the successor to Chi-Ha. It mounted a 47mm gun and had a MG mount at the front turret. Two prototypes were built by Mitsubishi and Jidosha Kogyo in 1940 and two more were built by Kokura and Sagami Arsenals in 1941. However, Chi-He became successor to Chi-Ha and Chi-Ho ended with trial.