Vehicle Landing Craft "Daihatsu"

Introduced Year : 1930
Weight : 9.5 ton
Dimensions: 14.88 x 3.35 m
Speed (max) : 9 knots
Engine : Gasoline, later Diesel Engine 60PS
Loading Capacity : 70 troops or 1 Type 89 Medium Tank or 12 tons cargo
Production Qty : 6,000

The development of the Daihatsu started in 1924 and the first model was finished in 1930. In 1932, the larger model to load a medium tank was made and it was mass-produced.

Daihatsu has a steel hull and a spiral screw as well as Shohatsu. An armor plate in the front of the pilot. A panel at bow can be fallen down to load and unload a vehicle. The bottom of the bow is W-shaped in order to stabilize the vessel when it lands on the beach. Below is the cross section of the bow.


Daihatsu was the most successful landing vessel of the IJA and it was widely used for the landing opertation and transport. Some were armed with AT gun or AA machine cannon and used as the gun boat.

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