Errata of "World War II Japanese Tank Tactics"

In the caption on page 2;
"Korosuna Tank School" should be "Narashino training ground".

In the 7th line on page 3;
"Red Army" should be "Chinese".

In the footnote on page 6
"2695" should be "2595". "2701" should be "2601".

The following text on page 9;
In "From 1940 to 1941, existing cavalry regiments were converted into reconnaissance regiments or divisional reconnaissance units;", "or divisional reconnaissance units" should be deleted.

In the caption of top photo on page 11;
"in Manchuria" should be "at Gyoda, Saitama Prefecture, Japan".

In the last paragraph on page 22.
"Choji" should be "Teiji".

The first line of Regiment and division formations chapter on page 23;
It should be "not prescribed until Kiko Sakusen Yomusho was published in 1942".

In the caption on page 44;
"during the Saeki Detachment's advance" should be deleted.

The third line of the third paragraph on page 45;
"In the darkness" should be "In the morning".

The second paragraph on page 48;
"Merak at the eastern end of the island" should be "Merak at the western end of the island".
"Eretanwetan further to the west" should be "Eretanwetan further to the east".

On page 49;
"Tjisadane River" should be "Tjianten River".

The OOB of 9th Tank Regiment on page 53;
"Col Masa Goshima" should be "Col Tadashi Goshima".

In the caption on page 59;
"January" should be "April".