Experimental 105 mm Cannon for Ho-Ri

105mm SP Gun Tank "Ho-Ri"

Introduced Year : -
Weight : 40 ton
Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.05 x 3.1(h) m
Armor (max) : 125 mm
Speed (max) : 40 km/hr
Engine : Gasoline Engine 550 HP/1500 rpm
Armaments : 105 mm Cannon x 1, Type 1 37 mm x 1, Type 97 7.7 mm x 1, Twin 20 mm AA gun x 1
Crew : 6

In the last WWII, Japan was developping several kinds of SP gun tanks. Ho-Ri mounted a 105 mm cannon on the chassis of Type 5 Medium Tank. There were two plans on Ho-Ri, Ho-Ri I loaded an engine in the center of the chassis and Ho-Ri II loaded an engine in the stern. German hunting tank Elephant and Jagdtiger would influence their design.

The 105 mm cannon for Ho-Ri had been developed, but the chassis of Ho-Ri had not been completed until the WWII ended.