Type 98 Mini Engineer Vehicle "Ya-I Go"

Introduced Year : 1937
Weight : 200 kg (Ko), 400 kg (Otsu)
Dimensions: 1.425 x 0.635 x 0.460(h) m (Ko), 1.980 x 1.170 x 0.560(h) m (Otsu)
Armor (max) : nil
Speed (max) : 4 km/hr
Engine : Electric Motor 2HP (Ko), 4HP (Otsu)
Production Qty : 300

Type 98 Mini Engineer Vehicle was developed for the destruction of the Soviet pillbox in the Manchuria border. It runs with remote-controlled by cables and sets an explosive near pillbox. Ya-I Go had two models, Ko and Otsu.

Ya-I Go was deployed in the 27th Independent Engineer Regiment in Manchuria. However, Ya-I Go did not see action and all were destroyed when the war ended.

Note: This vehicle is usually called "Type 97 Yi-Go". But, recently it is known that "Type 98 Ya-I Go" is the correct designation.