The Yushukan is a war museum attached to the Yasukuni Shrine at Tokyo which is the center of the Japanese religion Shinto. The museum was established in 1882 and preserves war relics from Meiji era to WWII. As for the detailed information about the museum and the Yasukuni Shrine, see the Yasukuni Shrine homepage.

Yasukuni Shrine homepage

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Type 97 Medium Tank

97-1-w140.jpg 97-2-w140.jpg

Type 96 15cm Howitzer

15H1-w140.jpg 15h2-w140.jpg

Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun

41-1-w140.jpg 41-2-w140.jpg

Type 88 75mm AA Gun

88AA1-w140.jpg 88aa2-v140.jpg

Type 89 15cm Cannon

89-15(1)s.jpg 89-15(2)s.jpg