Type 95 Armored Railroad Car "So-Ki"

Introduced Year : 1935
Weight : 8.7 ton
Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.56 x 2.54 (hight on railroad), 2.43 (hight on ground) m
Armor (max) : 8 mm
Speed (max) : 30 km/hr (ground), 72 km/hr (railroad)
Engine : Gasoline Engine 84 HP/2400 rpm
Armaments : No fixed weapons. Crews carried a rifle or a machine gun.
Crew : 6
Production Qty : 121

So-Ki had both tracks and wheels and it had a mechanism to move the wheels up and down, so it could change the mode between railway and track quickly (one minute to track mode and 3 minutes to railway mode). The width of the wheels could be changed in the narrow, standard and broad gauge.

So-Ki was used in order to guard railways in Manchuria by railway engineers and some were also used in Burma.

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