Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover

Introduced Year : 1937
Weight : 4 ton
Dimensions: 5.750 x 1.930 x 2.600(h) m
Speed (max) : 60 km/hr
Engine : Gasoline Engine (Ko Model) 68 PS/2800 rpm
Crew : 15
Drawn Artillery: Type 88 75mm AA Gun

In 1920s, the IJA was using some types of trucks as AA gun tractor. In 1936, new AA gun tractor was developed from Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck. It was basically the same vehicle as Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck, but the transmission was improved and a winch was added to the tail. The loading platform was modified to carry crews and equipments of AA gun.

As well as Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck, it had two versions, Ko model of Gasoline Engine and Otsu Model of Diesel Engine.