Book Reviews of "World War II Japanese Tank Tactics"

"This book is an excellent reference for knowing and understanding how Japanese armor was used in World War II."
by Jeff Grim
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"Author Rottman and Takizawa cover the full range of units, tactics and equipment used by the Japanese during the war. Some of the results you may find quite surprising, while others are more as expected. Superbly illustrated by Peter Dennis in showing tactical movements and combined with what few period photographs are still extant on the subject, the reader gets a better idea of what these men and their equipment were like."
by Scott Van Aken
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"The best thing about this volume is that Akira Takizawa, a Japanese specialist on Imperial Japanese Army tanks, co-authored the volume with Gordon Rottman. Thus, there is actually some new information (at least to Western audiences) presented here and even some first-person battle accounts."
by R. A Forczyk
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