Original Model

Modified Model

Type 94 Tankette "TK"

Introduced Year : 1934
Weight : 3.2 ton
Dimensions: 3.08 x 1.62 x 1.62(h) m
Armor (max) : 12 mm
Speed (max) : 40 km/hr
Engine : Gasoline Engine 35 HP/2500 rpm
Armaments : Type 97 7.7 mm or Type 91 6.5 mm x 1
Crew : 2
Production Qty : 843

TK was designed as an ammunition tractor but it was used as tankette in China. Light-weight TK was very convenient in China because the roads in China were very poor and the Chinese infantry had no anti-tank weapons.

The idler wheels of the modified model were replaced to large one and grounded in order to improve the stability of the chassis.

TK was mainly deployed in the Independent Tankette Companies.